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Our Ethics

We dont make clients, We build a good relationship.

As a family-owned group of independent businesses it is important that we adhere to strict ethical standards in order to demonstrate corporate social responsibility within both the sectors and communities we operate in.
As such, our core values are based not only on our vision to grow and develop as a successful organisation, but also to provide real value to our clients and employees. We provide fully customized solution to meet the ever dynamic requirements of the customers.
To ensure that this policy is applied practically across all 'Eesassin Group' branded companies, we have established 9 brand values that capture the ethical thrust we want to achieve for the Eesassin Group.
Leadership : the courage to shape a better future
Accountability : be accountable for our actions and inactions
Integrity : we behave ethically and are respectful, open, honest and real
Quality : commitment to excellence without compromise
Commitment : assist in our clients' success by providing exceptional service and personal relationships
Professionalism : we provide the best engineering available to meet client needs
Innovation : we develop better engineering solutions through continuous learning
Loyalty : we make every effort to attract and retain excellent, motivated employees, who are the source of our success
Brand : to reflect the brand in all aspects of work and contact with clients, colleagues and the public. To be part of the Eesassin Group family

ERP Development

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology. These business activities can include: ... production planning. manufacturing or service delivery.

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ERP Support & Update

ERP systems need regular upgrade to make them function properly with changing business needs. With our support services, businesses can avail of migration support, troubleshoot bugs and many other issues like security alerts, leveraging the worldwide community, etc. can be effectively fulfilled.

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WEB Develomnet

Though, there are numerous factors that separate us from any other responsive website design and web development company in India, here are a few that we believe would not be too much to mention.

  • Global presence
  • Dedicated team for every project

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Web Support

We'll monitor your site for up/down and performance issues We'll keep your website up to date and secure We'll provide on-call web support services

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We have been very impressed with the quality and diversity of content design shown to us. An added bonus has been the speed with which the work has been done

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