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your business out of control? We have the cure.

Pharmacies and clinics need simple tools to help them run their business and manage their stock. Our software works offline/Online and backs up data regularly to a cloud-based server when you have internet. You can track all of your sales and supplies, see what is low in stock, and get basic financial reporting. It supports receipt printing, can include patient details for each sale, and tracks customer credit so you never miss out on a payment again.

The company offers a wide spectrum of Industry specific services with core focus in Apparel & Lifestyle, Pharmaceutical and Gems & Jewellery industry bearing the brand name EMED, ESCMS and EWEB respectively. Ideally, Eesassin integrates various modules that delivers improved quality, profitability, customer loyalty, higher resource utilization and capitalization.
  • Data structure to handle medications

    Manage medical products optimally. Set up and search products and packaged items through different dimensions, from substance, ATC group, strength and classification to warning text, product description, quantity in pack, daily dose and more.

  • Complete customer management

    Access your customers’ open and previous orders, their history and specifications at any time. If an insurance scheme has been assigned to a specific customer, the system will take care of calculating the discount and final price for the customer. The software also allows users to invoice insurance companies directly.

  • Security and permissions system

    The system features a sophisticated setup of permissions for POS users. POS staff permissions can be defined in the back office. Set up limited access for some functions, based on user roles. Management can for instance request additional login, or the use of electronic signature with PIN code to perform specific operations or to sell specific drugs. It is also possible to define permissions for groups of users.

Our products



Sample Management for IIRDF Lab


EEDU Management System is a complete educational management software designed to automate a school's diverse operations from classes, exams to school events calendar.

This school software has a powerful online community to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform. It is a paperless office automation solution for today's modern schools.

  • Fast Fee Collection Software

    Fees collection is the most important part of a school, college or institute. This is the major source of income and major activity of any day in any education institute. In a school, you will need to receive fees from hundreds of students in a day and issue receipts to them. Also, it allows receiving fees in seconds with few clicks of mouse/keyboard. Important reporting will be on fingertips accounts department can generate day wise cash/cheque collection report and many more.

  • Pre-Addmission

    When the world moves at a great speed technologically, there's scope for every sector to advance. Globally, cloud computing and software technology have advanced, and enterprises and organizations are operating greatly with the help of Management Software. One of the most important benefits of Admission Management Software is that you can go paperless with your admissions.

  • Student Administration

    A Student Administration Management System, similar to Student Information System (SIS) is a web-based software which is developed to analyse, record, and manage data in a school. This system enables coordination scheduling and communications between faculty regarding students. It exists to simplify information tracking for all stockholders-students, faculty, admin staff, and parents.

Our products


Sample Management for Education


Eesassin’s “EMed" software system provides the complete long term care pharmacy software solution to fulfill all of your pharmacy's requirements today and beyond. With features including Rx and drug verification, paperless document management, cycle filling, retroactive rebilling and review, tote management, bar coding, eMARS, batch billing, Sure scripts E-Prescribing, mobile pharmacy apps, etc.

The "EMed" system enables the purchaser to have a competitive advantage and offer more services than other pharmacies. Some of the accomplishments produced by the Eesassin Technologies include.

  • Real- time delivery tracking system.

    Delivery management software is a tool that helps streamline the product delivery process from start to finish. Users can automate delivery dispatch and pick-up, track delivery status and delays, and receive suggestions for shorter routes to ensure faster deliveries.Real-time tracking offers customers an accurate picture of a given delivery's location as it moves through the supply chain.. With a combination of GPS tracking and real-time status updates from the field.

  • Paperless document management.

    A document management system stores, manages and tracks electronic documents, including emails, images and voice files. It can also track scanned images of paper documents. Document management systems typically have the following capabilities: A DMS captures content by processing images of scanned paper documents.

  • Electronic madical record

    An organization's records preserve aspects of institutional memory. Even in the era of digitization, organizations are required to maintain copies of physical documents for various reasons like statutory, client audits, R&D records, manufacturing records etc.Organizations must maintain Records Room operations for managing the physical records.

Our products


Pharmaceutical complete ERP Software .



It is a web based application for EZ Compliance a module by Eesassin Technologies having E-Vendor management system with basic employee management/Client Portal. It will automate all manual work and activities regarding the document management process for the customer.E-Vendor Management System refers to managing and accessing documents electronically

E-Vendor Management System keeps your each document saved and secured by maintain the version control, it is a system to the records and connects documents and emails and saves them in a single unified folder, organized by client. This structure puts all of the relevant information in context and at your fingertips, so you can focus on delivering value

E-Vendor Management System refers to managing and accessing documents electronically. It will contain components given below

  • Import: To open a new document into the system
  • Storage: To maintain system files and utilize storage
  • Identity: To retrieve documents with accuracy by assigning indexes
  • Export: To remove items from the system.
  • Security: Password-protection on certain files for authorized users.


Sample Management for EZcompliance.


With so many clients across a multitude of industries, we are proud to be a part of the great things our clients achieve. No matter the industry or department we help, it’s always a pleasure to hear that we’ve done a great job.

" your work looks great! It's clear that you care about your work and take the time to do it correctly. I especially liked that you asked the client about their design preferences before creating their website, and I'm excited to see what you do next."

MR.Rakesh Joshi
Brand Manager Company EZCompliance.

You recently gave us some really comments about your project .we wanted to let you know that we were able to use your (develop an amazing new change)! We really appreciate the time you took to help us improve (your product/service). thanks for being awesome service.

MR.Kamal Kumar
Managing Director Company Alsuhaili.

“You have all the qualities we look for in a project. I hope you might consider taking them to the next level by leading our next big project in this area.”

MR.Mukesh Kumar
Associate Director Company Radiation Institute Protection.

Nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat

Executive Director Company Accessinfo.

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